Wacker Neuson DW30 - Glendun Plant & Machinery

DW30 - Compact, safe and a real all-rounder

The compact and sturdy wheel dumper DW30 increases not only productivity in materials handling but also, thanks to innumerable safety features, the safety of the operator and of the entire construction site. The 4 wheel drive as well as the constant tractive force combined with the articulated pendulum joint and gradeability of up to 50% make the DW30 a real off- and on-road pro. At the same time, its low service and maintenance costs are impressive. Thanks to the stage 5 engine, all exhaust emissions specifications are fulfilled even without a diesel particulate filter. A 36 kW engine is also available which gives the DW30 additional power.

Comfortable cabin

Large area turf tires

Weather canopy for the operator

Hydrostatic drive:

Just sit down and drive: With the hydrostatic all-wheel drive, the operator can concentrate on the work without frequent gear changes. The consistently constant tractive force from 0 to the maximum speed and hydrostatic braking effect perfect the pleasant sensation of driving.

The hydrostatic all-wheel steering ensures not only optimum driving conditions, but also a very low-wear drive with very low service and maintenance costs that doesn’t just save you time, but cash too.

Always the optimal view in all directions:

The camera vision system attached in front and rear minimizes the blind spots of the machine and doubly protects the surroundings. The operator sees more precisely what is happening around him and can recognize obstacles early on. The level of safety is thus clearly raised, for the operator, the machine, and the surroundings.


The seat contact switch only allows the machine to start up when the operator is sitting. If he stands up, the speed is reduced in a controlled slowdown. For a high degree of safety on the construction site.

The entry in signal color raises the level of safety and ensures better visibility for the steps and the handle. These areas, important for safety in mounting and alighting, thus draw more attention.

The orange belt signals its control function through the connection with the LED lamp visible from the outside. It lights up when the belt is inserted and the operator, properly secured, operates the machine.

Service and maintenance:

The maintenance intervals, extended to double the time, allow additional cost savings with a higher utilization of the machine and less time downtime for maintenance work.

The easily accessible service and maintenance accesses through the engine hood, which can be opened towards the rear, make regular maintenance easier than ever before. Positioned at a perfect height, all necessary accesses and covers can be reached quickly and without great effort.

Roll over protective structure:

The collapsible roll over protective structure with gas filled spring device provides a very low passage height with simultaneously high safety standards. It saves space even in transport. The gas filled spring device makes manually folding down the ROPS bar easier.

Skip versions:

The swivel tip skip, with a great variety of uses, makes unloading at the side possible in all directions, perfect for filling sideways or even leveling off when transporting fluids on gradients. Thanks to an infinitely variable 180° tilt, it brings the material precisely where it needs to be dumped, which also allows use in confined space conditions.
With the front tip skip built in as standard, a large amount of material can be transported in the briefest time, ensuring great stability with a low center of gravity and a low dumping height.