Wacker Neuson DW20 - Glendun Plant & Machinery

DW20 - All-terrain and easy to handle

The DW20 is impressive with a variety of safety features with that particular comfort character. The newly developed high swivel tip skip, in connection with the absolutely reliable tilt sensor, make the wheel dumper safe as well as versatile. The DW20 also has a modern hydrostatic drive system and the articulated pendulum joint typical for Wacker Neuson wheel dumpers. The durable and completely wear-free spring-loaded parking brake additionally ensures increased safety when the machine is not being used.

Weather canopy

Modern engine technology

Maintenance made easy

The easily accessible service and maintenance accesses through the engine hood, which can be opened towards the rear, make regular maintenance easier than ever before. Positioned at a perfect height, all necessary access points and covers can be reached quickly and without great effort.

The extended maintenance interval of 500 operating hours also reduces downtime.

Partial-lock differential

The 25% differential lock function guarantees constant traction even on rough ground conditions.

Equipped for road traffic

With the optional equipment for road traffic, the machine is automatically equipped with exterior mirrors, reversing alarm and StVO accessories and can thus be used and operated even on the road without restrictions.

Safety and comfort

Besides the high safety standard of the machine, even more safety options can be added. The large display directly in the line-of-sight of the operator shows every small angle around the machine via front and reversing cameras in order to be able to react to any obstacles immediately.

A seat contact switch, the reversing alarm and the large exterior mirrors prevent accidents on the construction site. For maximum comfort, there are an air-cushioned driver’s seat, plenty of legroom and freedom of movement for the operator, and quiet handling.