Wacker Neuson Coupling Set - Glendun Plant & Machinery

Coupling Set Reversible Vibratory Plates

The coupling set is the ideal machine for compacting gravel in track construction. It is light enough not to sink in the track bed and has a large working width of three meters. It prepares a large area within a very short time. The entire track bed can be compacted with a few steps of operation. The three coupled DPU110 vibratory plates can also be decoupled and used individually. Thus they offer maximum flexibility and are easier to transport. The operation of the coupling set is very safe thanks to the infrared remote control. As soon as the operator comes too close to the machine, it automatically switches off due to the integrated near field detection. It also protects the operator from dust, emissions and noise.

Infrared remote control

Compamatic: Compaction control from the desk

Maintenance and Service

Ecological and sustainable

Extremely robust design