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Self Drive

SD120T 4×4 | 12.65m

The SD120T 4×4 self-drive work platform delivers an impressive working envelope and with the advantage of a telescopic upper boom, supreme accuracy when positioning the platform.

Hydraulic outriggers and 45% gradeability allow the SD120T 4×4 to be driven and levelled on uneven surfaces making it ideal for environments with rough or softer ground and its low overall weight means better fuel efficiency and lower transportation costs.

Niftylift’s highly effective Bi-Energy system increases flexibility and maximises utilisation allowing the SD120T 4×4 to operate for longer and in a wider range of environments.

SD170 4×4 | 17.1m

The SD170 self drive work platform combines the best of our self-propelled and trailer mounted ranges.

It offers the same impressive reach capabilities as the Nifty 170 but with the versatility of a robust yet very lightweight drivable base.

This allows the operator to manoeuvre, set up and operate the SD170 self drive work platform without leaving the platform, especially on uneven surfaces.

Rough terrain tyres and 4WD as standard allow the SD170 self drive work platform to manoeuvre easily over a wide range of site conditions and its outstanding reach makes it ideal for tree care or construction site work.

SD210 4x4x4 | 21.3m

The SD210 4x4x4 self-drive work platform is the ultimate combination of our trailer mounted and self-propelled product ranges.

With full independent suspension and 4 wheel drive, the SD210 4x4x4 can cope with a wide range of working environments and still offers the same impressive reach as the HeightRider 21.

Low weight design makes the SD210 4x4x4 economical and quick to transport and 4 wheel steer gives the operator enormous flexibility to manoeuvre once on site.

Excellent gradeability coupled with a good travel speed allow the SD210 4x4x4 to be positioned and set up quickly, allowing the operator to spend more of their time working.

The extra manoeuvrability available from the 4 wheel steer option coupled with the special “Turf Tyres” make the SD210 4x4x4 ideal for working on sensitive surfaces such as grass.