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Popup Eiger 250

EIGER 250 Access Tower gives a work platform for use by up to two people, with weight evenly distributed across the platforms. Available for both 3T and AGR assembly options, with two width options, the EIGER 250 is a versatile, EN1004 compliant scaffold tower for both internal and external use.

The EIGER 250 tower is available in two base sizes, 850mm or 1450mm with either a 1.8m or 2.5m platform length, and is supplied with various height frames allowing you the flexibility to build to your specific requirements. Safety guardrails protect the erector from falls during build and usage, while specifically designed components ensure a sturdy and secure construction.

The EIGER 250 can be build to a maximum of 8.2 metres for external use, with a working height of 10.2m. Internally, it can provide access up to 14.2m with a platform height of 12.2m, supporting a maximum of 275kg on each platform, making it ideal for working at height on a wide variety of jobs.