Coveya Telescopic Boom Conveyor - Glendun Plant & Machinery

Conveya Telescopic Boom Conveyor

Coveya have a dedicated fleet of boom conveyors available for short or long term hire, with machines designed to operate from ground level (dockless) or from a raised loading dock. All models can be fitted on a mobile chassis enabling the machine to be moved around the loading bay with ease. Our boom conveyors will transfer items, quickly, safely, and efficiently by extending directly into the trailer without the need for support. The use of these units reduces load/unload times significantly whilst improving operator working conditions.

Key features include:

  • 50kg capacity per linear metre
  • 600mm belt width as standard.
  • 30m/min belt speed with variable speed drive available if required.
  • Two low energy powered LED units fitted to the boom end to provide light in front of loading area.
  • Spring-loaded E-stop bar fitted to front of boom to stop all functions.
  • Hydraulic tilt available to vary the outfeed height and improve operator ergonomics.
  • Height to top of belt set at 960mm.
  • Lengths:  6.0m retracted, 12.0m boom reach & 18.0m fully extended.